Trust wallet and Pancake Problems: How Do We Use Pancake Swap With it? 6 – Best key Points.

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If you use the this application on your iPhone then you have noticed that something is missing. TW recently announced that they had to change some of the app’s integral features to comply with Apple’s guidelines.

While bitcoin is generating a lot of hype, altcoin projects are slowly regaining momentum. Altcoins like Shiba Inu and Safe Moon can only be accessed on decentralized exchanges like Pancake Swap.

The removal of a key feature in it has led many to ask the question: “How do I use Pancake Swap with TW?”. Read our guide on TW conversions to find out how to solve this pancake predicament.

Pancake Swap: The Decentralized Exchange

Pancake Swap was created on the Binance blockchain. Binance and its native currency, BNB, are leading digital assets in the cryptocurrency space.

Pancake Swap was created to offer a truly decentralized option to those who are fans of blockchain technology.

Their decentralized finance, or DeFi, nature is great for cryptocurrency traders who want low fees and high accessibility to altcoins.

The drawback of a decentralized exchange, or DEX, is the steps required to liquidate your altcoin assets.

Open wallets that are available as internet-connected applications are one solution to this pancake problem. It has become a popular option for Android and Apple users alike.

The Trust Wallet App

TW has skyrocketed in popularity due to its user-friendly interface. This is a great wallet option for a beginner cryptocurrency investor because the app exposes you to popular coins like the following:

•       Bitcoin (BTC)

•       Ethereum (ETH)

•       Litecoin (LTC)

•       Polkadot (DOT)

•       Binance (BNB)

•       Dogecoin (DOGE)

You can trade between available assets like these without leaving this application.

If you would like to access other cryptocurrencies that aren’t supported by it then you will have to link your wallet to a DEX like Pancake Swap.

If you don’t already have this application, here are the simple steps required to set up the app. TW is available on the Apple app store, Android market and is available on the Google Play marketplace as well.

First, download the application from your phone’s app store. Once you have downloaded the TW app, open the application and select “create a new wallet”.

The following page will share twelve phrases that act as recovery passwords for your wallet. Never lose or share these phrases to ensure that your cryptocurrency is well-protected.

Next, you will be welcomed by the dashboard. Here you can customize which coins you would like to see. You can choose to receive notifications about these assets and trade between them in just a few taps.

Lastly, once you have your coins, you have the option to earn interest on them by a process called staking.

By pledging a select amount of coins to ecosystem, you can earn interest on the coins as a means of passive income.

Now that you know how to use this app, you are ready to open your wallet to a DEX like Pancake Swap.

Set Up on Android

Connecting Pancake Swap to your Trust Wallet application is a simple process. First, Open your Application. Click on “DApps” in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. You should see four squares above the word as well.

Pancake Swap is a popular DApp or decentralized application. Therefore, you can find Pancake Swap listed under the “Popular” section.

Click the blue icon with the bunny-shaped pancake logo. Lastly, click “connect” after reading the terms and conditions.

Once you connect your app to the Pancake Swap DEX, you will have access to the altcoins listed on Pancake Swap without having to leave your application.

Set Up on iOS

Apple’s decision to deny the DApp feature on Trust Wallet’s iOS application has created panic in those holding cryptocurrency in this wallet.

iPhone users no longer need to worry. You can still access your favorite DApps with a few added steps to your cryptocurrency routine.

It is true, however, that part of the appeal of it lies in the fact that you never had to leave the application. Before Apple’s announcement, iPhone users could enjoy all of the benefits of a DEX in one app.

Now, you will have to enlist the help of another application, Wallet Connect. This application features “mobile linking” which is exactly what you need to reconnect Pancake Swap to your TW account.

Remember, you can still access Pancake Swap on your iPhone’s mobile browser. To begin the process, type in Pancake Swap’s URL into Safari. In the upper right-hand corner, tap connect.

A list of wallets should appear next. Find a blue icon with a white W named Wallet Connect and choose this wallet. Next, Wallet Connect will ask you to choose which wallet you would like to pair. Choose TW.

Lastly, you will be redirected to your Trust Wallet application to confirm the connection.

From now on, Pancake Swap should be available to use in your mobile browser and transactions will be confirmed via your TW application.

Computers and Cryptocurrency: Consider a Hardware Wallet

If you are planning on becoming an active cryptocurrency trader or investor then it’s important to know about the dangers of decentralized exchanges.

Unlike centralized exchanges, no one is available to help you recover your lost assets. At a DEX, you are your own banker, head of security, and client.

That being said, unless you are staking your cryptocurrency for interest revenue, it’s a good idea to get your cryptocurrency off of internet exchanges and into an offline hardware wallet.

Finding a hardware wallet for Pancake Swap doesn’t have to be complicated. Just make sure whatever wallet you choose has Pancake Swap set as an enabled DEX option.

Stay Updated on Cryptocurrency News

Now you know how to use Pancake Swap and TW on a variety of platforms and how to keep your cryptocurrency secure.

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