The Right Shoe 9 – Best Tips To Find Right One

The right shoe is important for so many reasons. Keep reading to learn how you can find the best and most epic shoes for you.

A recent study found that online retailers have a 25 to 50 percent return rate. Some of these returns are caused by faulty or wrong products. However, a majority of these returns are caused by not liking the final product.

This issue can be very bothersome for both the buyer and seller, from processing a return to having to start your shoe search all over again. So if you’re thinking of buying a new pair of shoes, then keep reading this article to learn how to pick the right shoe every time.

1. Popular Brands

The perfect shoe does exist for any individual. However, finding epic shoes will require you to look past the shoe’s brand, and focus more on the make and design of the shoe.

So first, let go of any preconceived notions of a shoe based on their brand because they may just be the perfect shoe for you.

2. Design of the Shoe

You don’t have to buy luxury shoes to find a cool design. All that matters is that the design is fresh, new, and unique. But most important, make sure the design is special to you! 

So before buying shoes, ask yourself these questions Does the shoe match my personal style? Do I have accessories and garments that match these shoes already?

Will I feel confident about rocking these shoes in public?

Do the shoes look similar to past shoe purchases?

All of these questions are important to ask yourself because the last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money and end up not liking the shoes.

So by asking these questions, will have a better understanding of how well the shoes fit your personal style and personality. Lastly, when buying new shoes remember that some shoes do go out of style. So don’t purchase a shoe just because they’re the latest craze.

Instead, purchase shoes that are timeless pieces. This means buying one-toned shoes. You can also buy shoes with a light color scheme.

For example, a nude and brown shoe or maybe a black and white shoe. If you have more questions on shoe style and design, then you can visit this site for more information.

3. Fit of the Shoe

The fit of the shoe will be very important as well. So when looking for shoes online do your research before making any final purchases.

You can look online and see what people’s experiences were with the fit of the shoe. For example, was it a true fit, bigger than the actual size, or too tight? These factors will help you determine if you need to size down, up, or stay with your normal shoe size!

4. Price and Durability

The right shoe comfort is important but so is the price! If you’re shopping for expensive or even casual shoes, ensure the price matches the quality. Again, you can look online for any reviews that talk about the quality and make of the shoe.

If you see a lot of negative reviews that deal with shoe tears or comfort issues, then it’s best to stay away. Overall, always remember that the quality should match the price. So if you’re paying over $100 for shoes, then the quality and durability should match!

5. Overall Comfort of the Shoe

Unfortunately, you can purchase the perfect shoe size and the fit could still be uncomfortable. So when looking for the perfect shoe, look at any reviews that talk about comfort of the right shoe.

Can the show be worn for hours without any pain? Or will you experience some pain after a few hours? Does the shoe allow your foot to breathe through the day?

Or is there little to no breathability? These factors are important, especially if you have a previous foot injury or any joint issues.

6. Shoe Support

Most shoes nowadays do offer some level of support. However, if you do suffer from flat-foot or other ailments, then you’ll need extra support.

So look for shoes that have a platform bottom, as these will offer the best support. Not to mention, they will also increase your height

7. Break in the Right Shoes

Many shoes nowadays need a period of time where they need to be “broken in”. During this time, your foot will start molding to the shoe for a perfect fit. However, this also means that you’ll have a week or so of uncomfortable wear. So to avoid this uncomfortable stage, buy high-quality shoes that do not need a break-in period.

8. Accessibility of the Shoe

Finding the right shoe can be hard especially when they are in high demand. Nowadays, new the right shoe get released and sell out within the same day. So when looking for the perfect shoe, ensure they are available.

If not, ask yourself if they are worth the wait! In some cases, you may just want them because of the hype associated with them. So before spending your time on a waiting list or pre-drop list, make sure it’s a show you actually want!

9. Health Factors

Aside from style and price, finding the right show is important for you. In fact, a show that lacks support and breathability could cause joint issues over time.

So when looking for the perfect shoe, ensure that the width and length of the right shoe match your foot’s autonomy. Also, make sure the tongue of the shoe is not too big as this could restrict blood circulation. Similarly, a shoe that is too tight could also restrict your blood circulation which could cause other issues. 

The Right Shoe Does Exist 

The right shoe can increase your confidence and excel in your stride! But most importantly, the right shoe will never harm your joint and bone health. So always ensure you get the perfect shoe for your needs. 

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