Debunking the Most Cool Salvage Car Yard 5 Myths That Exist Today


There’s been a lot of gossip and hearsay in the salvage industry these days. Let’s debunk the most common salvage car yard myths that exist today.

The U.S salvage industry has wheels: scrapped cars and their recycled components contribute around $25billion per year to our gross domestic product.

In fact, most unwanted, unloved, or unusable autos end up in a salvage car yard. And guess what? That heap of junk in your garage could add up to a heap of cash.

If you know what to look for when finding the best junkyard, selling your car to a reputable salvage yard could leave you with deep pockets.

So, forget the ‘Sanford and Son’ cliche, and read on as we debunk the five most common myths about salvage yards.

1. Junkyards Are Dangerous

It is easy to imagine junkyards as dangerous places, with teetering stacks of autos and feral junkyard dogs.

However, this is a common myth. Like any professionally run business, reputable salvage yards are held to rigorous health and safety standards.

Of course, some Mom and Pop enterprises might be lacking in this department, but the vast majority of salvage yards are safe, clean, and easily accessible.

2. A Salvage Car Yard Charges for Towing

Although this is true for some establishments, most creditable junkyards will be more than happy to collect your unwanted car for free.

Want to make the best return on your unwanted machinery? Choose a car salvage company with free towing.

Unsure where to look? This company will collect any make and model swiftly and free of charge.

3. Used Parts Are Inferior

A key part of vehicle ownership is maintenance, and if you’re looking to refurbish or repair your vehicle, used auto parts are a great option.

Salvage yards are a great place to find high-quality components for that fixer-upper.

Reputable salvage yards test and recalibrate automotive equipment before resale. Many also offer a warranty. There is nothing wrong with using used parts when bought from a reliable vendor.

4. Junkyards Only Deal in Junk

This is not true! Although they will happily recycle your write-offs and rust-heaps, junkyards also buy for refurbishment and resale.

The salvage industry is all about finding the best use for unwanted equipment and machinery.

So just because your used car isn’t ‘junk’ doesn’t mean you can’t sell it to a junkyard! You can buy and sell quality vehicles at salvage yards, knowing they’re heading for a loving home.

5. The Industry Is Unregulated

As with any booming sector, the salvage industry is subject to stringent regulations.

A well-run junkyard will need to comply with environmental health, trading standards, and OSHA regulations. Businesses with any merit will undergo the relevant inspections in a timely fashion.

The best junkyards will be clear, transparent, and organized in their compliance.

Car Salvage Myth busting 101

So, that’s the five most common myths around car salvage debunked.

A good salvage car yard is safe, reliable, trustworthy, and regulated. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, the junkyard is the place to go!

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